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Why exhibit

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia represents the largest market for education services in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, accounting for 75% of the student base in the GCC (K-12) system of general education. The Saudi Arabia government’s policy is focused on infrastructure and social programs. The 2012 budget allocates $45 billion to the education sector, including 742 new schools and 40 new colleges
Also, our comprehensive research on the show proves;
  • Saudi Arabia is the largest and most populated country in the GCC.  With more than 55% of its population below the age of 24, the country represents the largest education industry in the region.
  • The number of universities has grown substantially with a similar trend witnessed in the number of student enrollments in the higher learning public institutions.
  • The Kingdom is presently regarded as the most lucrative market for education services in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC).
  • Saudi Arabia accounts for 75% of the total GCC general education (K-12) system and is expected to sustain its dominance in the coming years.
  • The Saudi government is the major contributor in the development of the country’s higher education infrastructure.  It continues to increase  the budget to be spent on the education sector.  The budget allocation for education and manpower development has reached more than $40 Billion USD in 2011 from just $26 Billion in 2007.
  • The sector has been consistently capturing over a 25% share of the total budget expenditure, which is the highest in the world.
  • The 2011 budget includes the funding for the King Abdullah foreign scholarship program, the construction of 610 new schools, and the completion of over 3,200 school buildings which are already under construction.
Why exhibit at SETS?

  • Capitalise on the most lucrative market for education supplies/services in the GCC
  • Launch, promote and showcase your products, services and technology to an engaged audience 
  • Meet with key decision makers from education & training establishments
  • Find a local Saudi Arabian distributor
  • Develop and build relationships with government officials
  • Boost your market knowledge and keep an eye on your competitors
  • Network and meet all your existing customers in just four days
  • Take advantage of our extensive marketing campaigns to attract your targeted audience



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